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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Sept. 15th agenda

FSCP Meeting

Family School Community Partnership

September 15, 2009

Agenda and Minutes

Welcome and Introductions
Welcome by Lori Parkerand Kim Pasillas

We all want a Vanguard community

Introduction of Leadership team: Lori Parker, Kim Pasillas, and Wendy Chadwick(6th grade teacher and VCS parent)

1. FSCP Mission Statement is to support the school by working in partnership with teachers, staff and administrators, recruiting family involvement, and fundraising. Welcome!

2. What is FSCP and what it is not

Newly developing, run by and with the support of parent volunteers

Run by parents and we are parents first!

Supportive of VCS – positive and 100% supportive (we don’t change policies or procedures)

Value respect, communication and teamwork between all involved

3. 2009 Focus:

*Communication – COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

We now have a gmail account: vanguardfscp@gmail.com! And a blog -

so check for updates about events, activities and ways to help on vcs-fscp.blogspot.com! Look for FSCP updates in the weekly school newsletter called the Hawk's Eye (this will come home in the Friday folders).

*Expand the Organizational Structure of FSCP:

Leadership Team: Kim Pasillas, Lori Parker, Wendy Chadwick - will support and oversee event coordinators, and act as liasons with VCS staff and administration

Event Coordinators: Parent volunteers who are responsible for a specific event - jobs defined using a Planning Activity Guide to outline responsibilities for each event

Copy Momma - Peggy Stephens - on Thursdays afternoons - Thanks Peggy

Spanish Translators and Coordinators - Yami Arteaga and Maria Sanchez - Olga and Rosario - Muchas Grácias Seňoras!

*Encourage "Just 2 Hours" - Commit to your student, commit to your school, commit just 2 hours of your time to really make a difference!

*Build Community - Class Parents, Spanish Coordinators, Student Government, Community Board, Socials, Other Ideas? Miss Shamburg (Third Grade) spoke about the newly developing Student Government. This organization will promote student leadership. They have 18 representatives in grades 5 through 8. All planning and running of the organization will be done by students (with teacher guidance). There is a Food Drive planned for December and mentoring of students in grades K through 4.

The Community Board will be a board that will provide information to parents….this will help in Building our Community. Where are Vanguard students having fun and participating in activities. A place to exchange needs and resources (i.e., child care, walking buddies, ride share, etc.).

B. Parent Volunteers (Common Questions): A VCS volunteer is a HAPPY volunteer

1. How Do I become a Volunteer?

a) VCS process - application, references, finger printing and background check

b) FSCP process - communicate your interest in info and volunteering

2. What if I went through the application process last year already?


3. Do I have to sign in and wear a badge? (signing in and logging hours is very important to Vanguard. This information will be reviewed when we are renewing our charter – don’t forget to log your hours!)

C. Calender Plan for 2009 - 2010 School Year

1. Events/activities for the year already planned

2. Plan allows for volunteers to make commitments in advance based on their availability

3. New events must be discussed with Leadership Team for approval before being added to the calender

D. Looking for a Few Good Coordinators:

1. Scrip (PRIORITY) - help determine monthly orders, verify order and receipt of gift cards, coordinate sales of gift cards We need this person now!!!!

2. Teacher Appreciation Brunches (3) October, March, May

3. Update Parent Information Board

4. Class Parents - can be done from home! This person will need to be background checked. Most classes are covered – but we need THIRD GRADE class parents!

E. 2009 Fundraising Goal - $10,000 for Lockers

1. Ongoing Efforts: Box Tops, Terracycle, monthly CiCi's Pizza, Skate City Nights, Scrip, Uniform / Spirit Wear Sales

2. Current Fundraising: Gold C Books

3. Upcoming before Winter Break: Greek / Roman Festival, Tamale Sale

4. Suggested Ideas: Coffee and Muffin Sales on Fri mornings sold during drop off, Sponsor a Locker for $75, Carl's Jr books, Reusable Grocery Bags, buy a brick (walkway), help from local businesses…


F. Upcoming Meetings vs. Work Nights

1. FSCP Meetings will be held the 3rd Tuesday of every other month, unless it falls on a holiday and then it will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May - THANK YOU TO MISS SAUNIER (Kindergarten) - She will provide child care for parents who need to bring their children to the meeting ($2./ child). This money will go toward her trips to Sierra Leone.

2. Work Nights- (these nights will be held in the months when there isn’t an FSCP meeting) to make event signage, update Parent Info area, work on Festivals, make Teacher Appreciation goodies, etc, will be held on the alternate months. Oct, Dec, Feb, April MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

FSCP Meeting

The FSCP will be having its first meeting for parents on Tuesday, September 15, at 6:30 pm. We will meet in the gym to discuss the events and activities planned for the year. Child care will be provided by the K teachers for $2 per child. Come see what the FSCP is about and what the plans for the year include!

Skate City Nights

The first Skate City Night has come and gone! Hope you were able to bring the kids and let them join in on the fun! We had a great turn out. The FSCP is planning on 2 more Skate City Nights throughout the year. Be on the watch for future dates!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Class Room Parents

We are excited that so many parents want to be the classroom parent! Thank you! We will be finalizing the class parent in the beginning weeks of September. If you are interested, please e-mail us at vanguardfscp@gmail.com and write class parent in the subject line. Your contact will be Lori Parker.

The expectations for Class Parent include:
1. Collect contact information from parents in your class (contact sheet)
2. Develop a phone/email tree
3. Communicate with teachers about support needed
4. Coordinate classroom help for teachers (examples: field trips, book reading times, stuff folders, etc...)


Monday, August 17, 2009

Cici's Night

Help raise money for Vanguard by enjoying Cici's Pizza any time during the day or night on the last Friday of each month (Mississippi and Abilene)! Our next Cici's Night is September 25. Just let the cashier know you are with Vanguard, and place your receipt in the Vanguard box on the counter. Be sure the let them know what class you are from, as the class with the highest participation wins a Cici's Pizza Party! Tell your friends and family, too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Uniform Sales

Gently used uniforms will be available for sale, in front of the school, every Tuesday in September immediately after school. Prices include: $3 a piece or two pieces for $5. We will also have winter coats and back packs for $5 each and some limited VCS Spirit Wear. More Spirit Wear will be available in October.

Thank you to Jennifer Niblo and Melanie Porter for all their efforts with the uniform sales during the Meet-n-Greet and Back to School Nights. Thank you for organizing, cleaning, and being committed!